Changes made for the Open Beta, second round

  • Greetings Admirals!

    In the last Open Beta, you provided us with loads of feedback and statistics. Based on your input, we worked on a number of changes.

    War resources

    The war system and war resources have been a point of great concern among you.

    This is waiting for you in the next round:


    War resources used to be visible for governors only. Players, who weren’t governors, could not see the amount of war resources their nation owned, or which actions would cost how many cannon balls. Parts of the strategy were difficult to understand for them.

    Now, everyone can see information about the war resources!

    Defence for free

    Adding ships to a defence fleet used to cost 5 war resources each. If a nation was bare of war resources, they weren’t able to defend their cities any more, and even the Fleet of the Royal Protection would not help them. Now adding ships to a defence fleet is for free and defending your cities will always be possible

    New name: War resources (old) => Cannonballs (new)

    We noticed that among Admirals, war resources tend to be called 'cannonballs'.

    This has led to a change of the official term in the game.

  • Sea Battles

    After taking a look at the entire calculation system, we've found and resolved the causes of a number of unintended phenomena.

    Random Factor

    We've reduced the random factor in battles to make the results more predictable and enable you to better assess the combat strength of your ships.

    The damage variance of the ships has thus been adjusted.

    Example: A ship expected to inflict 7 damage per hit on average sometimes had a variance of 2 to 12 damage per hit. This has now been changed to a variance of 5 to 9 damage.

    "5:0" Results

    You sent us lots of reports with "5:0" results. Although two equivalent squadrons faced each other in battle, one player lost all their ships and the other was left standing with just a scratch.

    We finally discovered the cause in the ships' retreat mechanism. The conditions for a ship to attempt to flee were met too quickly.

    In some instances, the first blow was enough to cause an opponent to retreat. As a result, the player would be left outnumbered before an inevitable defeat.

    New Retreat Mechanism

    We've expanded the retreat mechanism.

    Your peaceful trade ships will continue to flee very early; they'll try to avoid any scuffles with war ships.

    By contrast, offensive ships will have to be in a practically hopeless situation before they consider retreating. When two offensive squadrons now meet, they'll really engage in cut-throat battle.

    Royal protection ships will never retreat, by the way.

    Critical Hits

    Critical hits were previously only possible if the ship landed a rather weak hit. Otherwise, the bonus damage would've been too high.

    We've changed this. We've reduced the bonus damage, but critical hits are now always possible.

    Ship Maneuvers

    Ship maneuvers have been adjusted.

    Altogether, a trained ship has three advantages: It shoots earlier, causes more damage, and misses less often.

    These three advantages remain, although they are now better coordinated with each other.

  • City Battles

    Damage Calculation

    The way damage is calculated in city battles has been completely reworked. There were some bugs in the old system that prevented the balancing we intended.

    We've therefore revised the background calculations and developed a new balancing.

    This primarily encompasses hit probability and the amount of damage caused by a city's successful hits. Small cities are now easier to conquer, whereas more developed cities pose a greater challenge.

    Some configurations had leveraged this (rather logical) development in the past.

    More Cannons and Stronger Walls

    Since damage is now calculated differently, the cities need more cannons and stronger walls that you can build for each city upgrade.

    This enables more increments for balancing. The cities now feel more different depending on the upgrade level.

    City Maneuvers and 'Let us Pray'

    Cities can increase their damages using city maneuvers and the 'Let us pray' upgrade.

    These effects were incorrectly applied in the previous version. Thanks to our changes, these two mechanics now keep their promise and noticeably strengthen your city.

    Critical Hits

    Did you know?

    When a city lands a critical hit, the stricken ship is sunk. No matter how many hitpoints it still had.

    After reviewing the situation, we realized this wasn't fair. Cities (like ships) now cause bonus damage when they manage to get a critical hit.

    Other Changes

    Defense fleets are now slightly smaller, since cities have in turn become stronger. But cities at a high level will still only reach the maximum size of 20 ships (+ royal protection), as was the case previously.

    In the past, as the city walls were gradually destroyed, so too were the cannons. This may sound realistic, but it's difficult to follow and punishes the city twice. Cities now fire with all cannons until fully destroyed.

    The mortar technologies (bonus damage against cities) have been removed for trade ships and scout ships.

    Depending on their city level, neutral cities start with higher training levels and now pose a greater challenge.

    The starting buildings of some neutral cities have been adjusted so that they start with better defenses.


    By reworking battle calculations, we've completely overhauled a substantial part of the game. We've simulated many 100,000 battles – but things will be especially interesting when we get to see your battles under real competition conditions in the Open Beta 2!