Denmark - deafeated nations

  • Greetings Captains!

    Well done, France - you've defeated the Danes in what seems like no time at all.

    You've noticed that afterwards, a barricade blocked you from accessing your ships. The barricade could be cleared by the naval staff. But sadly, the Tsunami did more damage: the nation merge for the Danish players did not work out as planned and the conclusion is that we won't be able to fix this within the remaining testing period.

    That means that all players of defeated nations will be left unable to play on.

    In this situation, we have an offer for you:
    We don't want you to drop out of the game for good, so: if you were fighting for Denmark and if you want to start anew, please contact me and you will receive another beta key, so you may register a new account for a different nation.

    The same applies for players of all nations that are going to be defeated in the testing period.

    I'm very sorry :(
    Kind regards, Silver Hook