where is my ship?

  • Which account / gameworld is affected?
    Open Beta

    2) Which part / feature of the game is affected?

    3) Please describe in detail which actions were carried out when the error occurred and what exactly is the effect of the error:
    I have a new warship and was perform manuevre at Coro (the first one of this new Ship called Vera)... and after the crash this morning the ship is gone and in the shipmenu te text: Sails single route to Coro

    4) When did the error occur (date / time)?

    May 13, around crash 12.00 uur.

    5) Can you reproduce the error or was it a single situation?
    It was a single situation

    6) Did you get a failure notification? If so, which one?

    No failure notification

    7) Please provide some information about your system (including exact version):
    Bitte gib einige Informationen zu deinem System an (mit genauer Versionsnummer):

    • Operating system / Betriebssystem: => win10
    • Browser: => chrome
    • Provider and internet speed (please run a speed test):
      => 102 mbs download.... 30 mbs upload
    • Results of troubleshooting page (Ctrl+Enter to follow link, take a screenshot):
      Ergebnisse der Fehlerdiagnoseseite (Folge dem Link mit Strg+Eingabe, mache einen Screenshot):


    Account name: Janto

    Ship affected: "Vreda"

  • The Shipyard of Ford says that Vreda (my missing ship) is in the port... but when i want to do a maneuver, it is to far from the port.

    The ship is't active for over 18 hours now ...

  • Hello SirFrancisBacon,

    There was no error message... only the old route was in there, but not any more. It sails where i want it to sail... so i think the problem is solved.