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  • Greetings Admirals!

    In this thread, we will share some short news and information from the developers' office so you know what is going on.

    May 15th 2019,
    Team notes

    We have been working on fixes for ~20 bugs.

    An update containing these fixes will be uploaded as soon as the internal testing phase is finished, probably within this week.

    Some issues that have been tackled:

    Technology points not generated

    Mostly in combination with the plus account, tech point generation stopped so some Admirals did not receive any more TPs.

    We handled this manually for the affected players and will upload a patch to fix the issue.

    Ranking, wrong display of ships
    In the player ranking, sometimes the number of ships owned by a player is displayed incorrectly.

    We found the reason for this, the ranking will show the correct total of ships for players after the update.

    Pearl shop and sandbox tutorial

    It was possible to enter the pearl shop even if a player was still in the sandbox tutorial (starting sequence before sailing to the Caribbean).

    In order to prevent pearls getting lost, the pearl shop will only be available after the sandbox tutorial has ended.

    Stuck on the 'open water' preloading screen

    In some cases (refreshing the game after a long time or using a bookmark that was set after the login or also some links in emails) players were stuck on the 'open water' screen and could not proceed to the game from there. Instead, you will then be redirected to the homepage where you can log back in correctly.

    Governor's thread in the tavern

    Some governors were unable to use the dedicated thread in their tavern.

    After the update, governors can use this thread for their announcements without issues.

    We will announce the update shortly before the downtime on Discord and also in the game itself. A short list of relevant changes will be published in the patch notes section afterwards.

    Respectfully yours,
    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

    Admiral Silver

    Community Manager

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  • May 15th 2019,
    Dev Talk - summary

    Greetings Admirals!

    Two members of the development team joined the community on Discord and replied to questions of all sorts.

    Here is an overview of questions and topics that were discussed during the Dev Talk:

    • What about the recent server crashes?
      => Our apologies, the extensive outages were mainly due to problems with server cloud and provider.
    • Governor system has some serious problems, especially inactive govs and possible spies, saboteurs and multis
      => Explanation of inactivity rule (24h without login), governors will be removed from office, votes don’t count anymore.
      => We generally agree that there are multiple issues and the whole system will be revised profoundly, the future changes are still in concept phase.
    • Communication is very difficult with taverns/chat not working properly, long loading times to enter taverns, chat lagging or without connection, and missing copy/paste
      => Chat connectivity will be improved soon.
      => When reworking the chat, we’d like to solve the copy/paste issue with it.
    • Time displayed in-game
      => Will be UTC for everyone soon.
    • Severe game freezes, lag and ‘Curse of the Caribbean’
      => The fog of war is causing some of those problems, it is worked on, first fixes with the update.
    • Balance of individual gameplay vs. big picture of nation (yeah buoy); little to do if you’re not in a political role, ‘pawn players’ don’t feel to have impact or be able to noticeably contribute to the nation’s success; player dedication and customization of own goals in the game should be improved to strengthen the connection of players with their individual character as well as with the city/nation
      => A set of connected features including governors, war, fighting system are being revised; more focus on individual role of a player is desired to achieve this.
    • Exploit of ‘trading’ goods from one town to this same town
      => A fix will be deployed with the upcoming update.
    • Is there still a cannonball bonus for peace treaty?
      => Yes, but balancing changes have been made with much longer cooldowns to reduce exploits on that system.
    • Merchant good price is overruling the actually higher prize if it is also a needed good
      => Bug is re-opened and forwarded.

    • Volume control in the game?
      => On the list: volume control and differentiation between music and sounds.
    • Quest 'Besieged' (ships for fleet) is problematic because it is too frequently related to opportunities
      => More variety in quests is planned, so frequency will be reduced;
      => With reworking the war system, more attacks will be possible;
      => Quests are not intended to be solved easily at any cost, they can and should be skipped in that case.
    • Bug with ‘area uncovered’: doesn’t count properly
      => A fix is ready to be deployed in the update
    • Option to remove (own) ships from fleet to correct selection
      => This is on the list for future features

    Do you have your own questions? Join the next Dev Talk and raise them to the developers directly!

    Respectfully yours,

    Admiral Silver

  • May 17th 2019,
    Feedback to raised topics within the community

    Greetings Admirals!

    The developers have some information for you regarding the following topics that have been discussed lately:

    Scouting quests:

    It was suggested to remove the scouting quests from the quest system because opportunities to fulfill them are too rare.

    => We are discussing to reduce the frequency of these quests.

    Generally, it is intended to have a mixture of easy quests and more difficult ones, and to have a broad variety of quests to serve the preferences of different types of players. If you can't or don't want to solve a quest, you can skip it.

    City production usable for deliveries needed to build a new production facility ('wheelbarrow'):

    => This suggestion has been passed on for consideration.

    Automated ship repair:

    Some Admirals asked for automated ship repair for trade ships/squadrons so after a victorious sea battle the ships won't sail badly damaged until you repair the manually.

    => Such a feature is more than just 'nice and convenient', it would have extensive consequences on the style of playing and it might encourage a much more inactive way of playing the game. The request has been forwarded for decision.

    Elections, governor system and tutorial regarding the political system:

    => The governor system is fundamentally discussed (please also check the 'topic of the week' on Discord and the various forum threads!); there will be a major revision of the current system. We will keep in mind the different implications, ideas and suggestions related to it.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

  • Suggestion, you can win automated tasks like you can win a treasure map pieces, just thinking out loud --> "Some Admirals asked for automated ship repair for trade ships/squadrons so after a victorious sea battle the ships won't sail badly damaged until you repair the manually."

  • May 21st 2019,
    A May day update and outage

    Greetings Admirals!

    Probably, we should have interpreted the omen beforehand and should not have run any updates in May altogether? ;)

    We apologize for yesterday's long and unintended downtime.

    You may have thought that something was wrong with the update - but what really happened was something completely different.

    If you are interested in what was going on, read our 'documentary': A May day update.pdf

    Thank you for remaining relaxed while it lasted, your humorous comments in Discord were also highly welcome in the team!

    Have fun opening our surprise compensation: a set of three special treasure chests.

    Respectfully yours,
    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

  • May 24th 2019,
    Feedback to raised topics within the community

    Greetings Admirals!

    Here is some feedback from the developers regarding a couple of topics that will interest you:

    Government system

    We have reviewed and discussed your feedback and suggestions, recent ones as well as those from the CB and OB1 rounds. There are many different ideas and excellent reasons for all of them!

    The government system has to manage opposing needs of different types of players, our conclusion is that we cannot meet them with a variation of the existing systems and have decided to remove Governors and GGs as they are known altogether and replace them with something different that is more user friendly and encourages more activity.

    At the moment, we cannot provide any information on the future political system yet.

    Improve selection of ships joining a fleet

    There are a couple of options available already, we are working on improving the menu to make it more transparent and easier to use.

    Improve UI – switching cities with supply screen opened: 
    This is on the list; switching through cities themselves is impossible for technical reasons.

    But we want to reduce loading times and clicks, so we are thinking about rearranging some details so the city doesn’t need to be entered as often as now.

    Feel free to comment!

    Wishing you all a nice weekend,

    Admiral Silver

  • May 29th 2019,
    Logs for lags

    Greetings Admirals!

    ‘Server maintenance’ can mean anything, from regular security updates to handling an acute emergency.

    Many of you are experiencing performance issues of some sorts and the team is constantly working on improving this for you. Of course, the first step is to pinpoint the reasons, only then solutions can be developed.

    So in order to gain more detailed data about some of the lag issues, we implemented better logging and tracking in the maintenance of May 28th.

    Thursday, May 30th, is a bank holiday in Germany, so our office will be closed. We are sorry that bug reports will have to wait until Friday.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

  • I, for one, sincerely hope enhanced logging and tracking will provide the Dev's with a clearer picture of the issues we all face, often daily. It's a difficult task I know, but one that must be utilized so that you can kill these repetitive bugs. Thanks for trying anything and everything to make this code better and MUCH more stable. The game concept is fantastic. Just need to get the code into that category as well, and when that happens, even if it means absorbing the cost of an Open Beta-3, when you do release the game to the world...You'll have a sound product and a revenue generator.