Tech window doesn't have scroll on ship list

  • 1) Which account / gameworld is affected?
    => Archintyeron

    2) Which part / feature of the game is affected?
    => Tech window

    3) Please describe in detail which actions were carried out when the error occurred and what exactly is the effect of the error:
    => Open the tech window. The Admiral Ship button isn't shown.

    4) When did the error occur (date / time)?
    => Everyday

    5) Can you reproduce the error or was it a single situation?
    => It happens every time

    6) Did you get a failure notification? If so, which one?
    => No

    7) Please provide some information about your system (including exact version):

    • Operating system / Betriebssystem: => Windows 10
    • Browser: => Chrome
    • Provider and internet speed (please run a speed test):

    Results of troubleshooting page (Ctrl+Enter to follow link, take a screenshot): =>

    There's an screenshot of the problem:

    My UI is already scaled down a bit, but scaling down much more would make the letters hard to read.

  • Good morning Archintyeron,

    with what resolution is your monitor running? (we need this information to optimize the game for problems like this)

    Sometimes it helps if you bring the window into a not maximized form and make the browser window into a square.

    Kind regards