• Dunno why we need to complicate ourselves inventing something when we have a system that was tested and improved since 1600 to present days.

    And you guessed right, I'm talking about our present day election system!

    So we should have a General Governor (GG) voted by ALL Nation Daily (ofc 51% rule).

    GG can name Vice or Vices.

    Towns should have Governors named by GG.

  • While I DO like the simplicity of your leaves open too many loopholes and concerns, from my perspective. In your system the GG would, essentially have absolute power. He or she could appoint/replace any City Governor they chose, without any vote of other City Governors. I don't feel that is an effective solution. It would simply make the GG, God of his Nation, without any recourse or corrective options to/for the other players in that Nation who might disagree with God's Plan.

  • I like the idea and I do not see choosing governors by GG as an issue. I cannot imagine GG removing well performing governor, it would be not smart and would decrease his/her popularity. Making removing poor governor from his/her position easier is something I am waiting for. If "God of Nation" is elected daily than I do not see possibility he/she will become a tyrant.

  • Yea, Harris19, GG will be elected DAILY by the Nation players. Is his/her duty to come out with a good campaign to make players vote him. And will be entitled to have his own chance to choose the players he need for a good leadership of his Nation.

    No more council members in Towns to launch random attacks, no more Inexperienced governors to do what they want, no more Players who can jump in a new city to take Governorship, and so on...

    Of course election window need to be more accessible and a visible warning ( to let you know you have to vote this day ) need to be on front page. Also a quest for voting can be added.

    I also think this system have the chance to overcome any multiaccount voting attempt, bc will require too many accounts to be used daily in the attempt to make a coup d'état!

  • There is merit to your suggestions and I agree there needs to be some form of re-election process in any revised Governance code. I just feel daily voting is a bit of overkill. I'd be very happy with weekly voting for GG, and VGG if implemented. I think that would be a nice balanced approach to the idea. As for the GG being able to appoint his own City Governors...I'm honestly torn on this idea. I can see the benefits, obviously. But I worry a bit about the entire Government of a Nation becoming a 'Members Only' backroom club.