Optional Additions to any New Governance Code Block

  • There are some options that can be added to new Governance code.

    Term Limits:

    GG, and VGG if implemented as a player position, can only serve for 30 days. This would force an election of a new GG, and VGG if a player position.

    City Governors can only serve for 45 days at THAT City. They can move and be elected at a new City if they wish and the new City players elect them.

    There wouldn't be any time constraints on City Council Members.

    The concept of Term Limits can be used to further enhance player engagement in the Governance aspects of the Game and bring in new blood to the Leadership System.

    Fleet Management:

    The City Governor should be given the ability to eject inappropriate ships from any Attack Fleet assembling at his City. The existing City Council code can be used to accomplish this task when the City Governor is out of Game.


  • I second this, have been suggesting this from a while.

    Thanks and Regards