May 21st 2019, Bugfixing update

  • Greetings Admirals!

    Today’s update contained solutions for ~20 bugs.

    Please note the following short descriptions of changes about those bugs that you will notice in the game.

    Trading exploit

    Using a trick, it was possible to deliver goods to the same city where they came from. This loophole has been closed to prevent further usage of this exploit.

    Tavern (city forum)

    Some governors were unable to post in the announcement section of their city’s tavern. This has been resolved.

    In-game time display

    Some players have been shown their local time in the game while others had server time displayed. In order to improve planning and scheduling for you, the same time will be displayed for all players now: server time (UTC).

    Ship list: '-1 ship'

    After the plus account has expired, the ship list used to show a (-1) notification. It has now been removed.

    Production facility

    The actualization oft he menu for production facilities has been corrected: after starting an expansion, it will now be actualized automatically.


    Explored area will now be displayed correctly in the ship info.

    Technology points

    In some cases, after activating the plus account the generation of technology points ceased down. This was fixed and will not occur anymore.

    City fortification

    Damage ranges of city fortification have been adjusted to reduce their strength and to make it a bit easier to conquer a city.

    Fog of War

    Some bugs related to the fog of war causing performance issues have now been solved.

    IDS Codes

    Missing texts were added, so occasions of displayed IDS_... codes have been reduced significantly.

    Treasure chest animation

    Due to a graphic bug, sometimes the prizes of treasure maps were visible too early. We have fixed this; the animation of opening treasure chests is now correct.

    Don’t hesitate to comment on this using the reply function.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team