French nation.

  • This suggestion might seem strange but here goes anyway. for the 2nd round, the french nation will be destroyed, there is no avoiding that, but i believe this will happen in every server, no matter what. This is due to the starting point of the Capitals of France and Denmark (mostly) and the proximity of Holland's capital as well. It is next to impossible that french can expend without being in conflict with either of those 2.... I propose that, for futur rounds, the Capital of France be put in the Gulf of Mexico, more specifically, to New Orleans. this would give a more balanced chance for all the 6 nations to grow, without butting heads after 2-3 days!

    2nd and 3rd town of france in the gulf could be LaBahia and Corpus christi, so france does have at least ONE decent trading route (by decent i do mean SHORT distance for GOLD income). tho its not a default of the game per say, it sure would give a much fairer chance for all 6 nations, or at least, it appears that way.

  • I can follow your suggestion in part. But I think that this round was the biggest mistake of France was only a large shipyard and this was taken very quickly.

    I do not know right now if you have had a repatriation agreement with another nation before and that information came out of only one big shipyard, or by a spy.

    Only I would recommend each nation to build several large shipyards, and not to take the capital as the only major shipyard.

    How is France actually cutting off the last laps?

  • ByteBanditin it is actually very easy to deduce that the capital of each nation would be the first town to have the AS shipyard, since that town starts at level 5, and has almost all the players of said nation in it. there was no trick of any kind to that, just simple deduction. and sure, France not pushing there first AS shipyard as a nation was there downfall, thats a fact for this round. last round they died too, but took longer, still eliminated by Denmark, inspite being in different the problem lies elsewhere...hence the proximity of the capitals, and my suggestion!

  • Thank you for your input on this topic.

    I agree, losing the Capital is a big problem for a nation and France was now defeated even twice.

    However, there are more facts to take into account:

    In both rounds, France had few active playes compared to the other nations, and especially in this round, there were hardly any experienced players in that nation. So the major disadvantage in this round was lacking experience and knowledge about the game and its strategies. (Starting with having to develop their organisation from scratch, to upgrading more than one port, ending with knowledge about the necessary size and strength of fleets to conquer neutral cities successfully.)

    So probably, the starting region for France is challenging due to the proximity of Denmark's and Holland's starting regions - on the other hand, the line of cities close to each other are a perfect trading zone with easily overlapping protection circles.

    The team is going to look into these dependencies in more detail. :)

    Respectfully yours,
    Admiral Silver

  • Good idea Lady, the golf-region feels like the daughter no one wants to invite to dance, she remains until the end of the party and as you have said, france does not come straight between the millstones of denmark and holland.