June 5th 2019, Bugfix

  • Greetings Admirals!

    With today’s bugfixing update and maintenance, we implemented solutions for the following bugs:

    Duration of forced peace

    The display for the cooldown has been corrected; it used to show 24 h, the correct duration of 72 h is now displayed.

    Loading problems at set route mode

    One of the reasons for lasting ‘Loading’ animations at entering the set route mode was fixed.

    => However, you might still experience such cases for reasons that haven’t been solved yet.

    City level-up

    The supply screen displayed the wrong waiting time until the level-up.

    => Times are now displayed correctly.

    Flotsam net

    At collecting flotsam automatically with the net (plus account), close-by ships were selected.

    => Now, your chosen selection won’t be switched anymore.

    City battles

    In a battle, sometimes cities used to display a higher number of cannons than they really had.

    => Now fire power is displayed correctly at all times.

    Stuck ships

    Sometimes, ships got stuck on land.

    => This should not happen anymore.

    => However, they might still get stuck on underwater reefs at sea; we are still working on this issue.

    Ship manoeuvres

    The status display of ships in manoeuvre was cut short.

    => Now, you will be able to read the full text including the remaining time.

    City buttons

    In the city, buttons sometimes were shown as active even if they could not be clicked.

    => From now on, buttons will only be animated if you really can interact with them.

    Welcome screen / ranking

    The arrow indicating your tendency for the ranking has been corrected.

    => The indicator in the welcome screen now matches the one in the ranking.


    Some players were unable to use the tavern (city forum) at all.

    => Now, this should work again. If you were affected, please try it.

    Please try and test our fixes for those bugs in the game and let us know what you find. We are looking forward to your comments!

    Cast off,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team