End of the round

  • Greetings, Admirals!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 18th June 1719, the victorious nation in the run for domination of the Caribbean will be determined and the round will be ended.

    The server is going to close at 8:00 am UTC, so fight hard and use the remaining time to the best of your abilities.

    Some of you wondered about pearls being transferred to the next round or not - we will do as much as we can about this but sadly, for technical reasons we cannot guarantee that we will be able to transfer pearls smoothly to the next round. As mentioned earlier, we recommend to spend them!

    Good winds to you for the last evening!

    Yours respectfully,

    Admiral Silver

  • Winners of the second Open Beta round

    Greetings, Admirals!

    With teamwork and determination, the Danes managed to win the second round of the Open Beta – congratulations for this well-deserved success.

    Also, the Portuguese players should be proud of themselves: the largest city of the round is Utila, which reached level 22 and had 105,860 inhabitants in the end!

    The best player is from the English nation: Uppgrayedd earned 162,517,600 Glory and was far ahead of the players who came in second and third place.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team