End of closed beta

  • Aye Captains,

    We’re close to final decision!

    The fight for domination in the Caribbean is reaching the peak. Each day fierce sea battles are fought and numerous cities are conquered in order to secure victory for your nation.

    On Thursday (20th Dec 2018, 15:00 UTC+1), the Admirals closed beta will come to an end.

    We are going to pay tribute to the winner, and we’ll determine the most prosperous nation as well as the best single player.

    We want to express our thanks to all of you: our beta testers who were so dedicated and put the game through its paces in the past weeks. Thanks to your commitment and input we gained valuable insights that are going to have an effect on the future development. Your feedback and the many suggestions are going to help us shape the game according to your wishes.

    Improving performance is one of our main focuses, and a fair solution for players of defeated nations so they can keep playing. Also war and battle are going to be adjusted to increase the fun experience for all parties involved.

    Stay tuned and keep in touch on our platforms for first-hand information about the latest development.

    We also want to invite you to the open beta which is planned for February.

    Best regards,

    Your Admirals Team

  • Aye Captains!

    We shared a great adventure, but tomorrow, our closed beta is going to end.

    The game team will enjoy some well-deserved holidays, and with the start of the new year, they're going to work on improvements and further development with full force.

    In the waiting period until the start of the open beta, we're going to keep you updated with news about the game development on facebook and on discord. Are you already following our facebook page? If so, then you'll find our exciting information in your timeline.

    Online now: Sweepstake for pearls! Take part in our treasure hunt and if you're lucky, you'll receive a chest (or two, or even three chests) full of pearls for the open beta!


    Taking part is easy: like :thumbup: the Admirals facebook page, select three tiles of the map where you want to search for treasures and mention them in a comment. If you guessed right, we're going to contact you shortly after the start of the open beta server.

    Here's the fastest route to our facebook page: *klick*

    Good luck!

    Silver Hook