Treasure chest screen error

  • 1. Which account is affected?

    Miss Piggy 69

    2. Which part / feature of the game is affected?

    Pearl shop

    3. Please describe in detail which actions were carried out when the error occurred and what exactly is the effect of the error:

    After clicking on the shop, then clicked on pearlshop it get's error

    4. When did the error occur (date / time)? 26/02/2019, ~ 11:39utc+1.

    5. Can you reproduce the error or was it a single situation? This occurs each time I try opening the pearlshop

    .6. Did you get a failure notification? If so, which one?

    Error! Product group not foundx Oops! We could not load the requested product group. Please try to close the shop and then reopen it again to solve the misbehaviour. If you still have problems with the shop, please get in touch with our support team. Sorry for the inconvenience! (code: 2001)

    7. Please provide some information about your system:

    a. Operating systemWindows 10

    b. Browser Google chrome

    c. Provider and internet speed (please run a speed test)


    PING 15 ms

    JITTER 14 ms

    DOWNLOAD 42,1 Mbps

    UPLOAD 9,3 Mbps

    d. Results of troubleshooting page

    (attach screenshot)

    Please use the following template and fill in your information. :)