Sail upgrade lvl 3 (+20%) not effective on Scout 1

  • 1. Which account / gameworld is affected?

    Mattheus Van Strictberghe / Carupano (Holland)

    2. Which part / feature of the game is affected?

    Technology Upgrades

    3. Please describe in detail which actions were carried out when the error occurred and what exactly is the effect of the error:

    The Scout 1 ships speed stays blocked to 61. The upgrades are #1 +10% (50 base speed to 55) #2 +10% (55 to 61) and #3 +20% 61 to 73

    But the speed stays at 61 even after upgrade #3. I tried to destroy - rebuild ship but even the new ship is at 61

    4. When did the error occur (date / time)?

    12/03/2019 - still defect

    5. Can you reproduce the error or was it a single situation?

    It stays so event when new ships are produced

    6. Did you get a failure notification? If so, which one?


    7. Please provide some information about your system:

    a. Operating system

    Windows 10

    b. Browser (version)

    Google Chrome

    c. Provider and internet speed (please run a speed test)