Ideal bug report: template

  • The naval staff kindly asks all Captains to report all unforeseen incidents along the template of the following example:

    1. Which account / gameworld is affected?
    Francis Drake / Marianas trench

    2. Which part / feature of the game is affected?
    Setting routes

    3. Please describe in detail which actions were carried out when the error occurred and what exactly is the effect of the error:
    After defining the route, I clicked on ‚Set Route‘. The route wasn’t started but cancelled.

    4. When did the error occur (date / time)?

    04.12.2018, ~ 7:35 pm UTC

    5. Can you reproduce the error or was it a single situation?

    This occurs each time I start a route in my home town.

    6. Did you get a failure notification? If so, which one?
    Editing the ship’s route was automatically cancelled.

    7. Please provide some information about your system:

    a. Operating system
    Windows 10

    b. Browser (version)
    Mozilla Firefox 63.0.3 (64 bit)

    c. Provider and internet speed (please run a speed test)
    O2, Network delay 28ms, download 52,32 Mbps, upload 17,18 Mbps

    determined by Network Speed Test

    d. Results of troubleshooting page