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    Greetings Admirals!

    With the update on 21st March 2019, the following changes have been implemented:


    -The war resources costs for PvP Seabattles have been lifted. Seabattles won’t consume war resources any more.

    -Before, for ships of the Royal Protection that were sunk during a battle, 1 ‘cannonball’ was consumed. This has been lifted, so you won’t have to pay for lost ships of the Royal Protection any more.

    -The war resources fee for initiating city attacks has been reduced by 33%; they used to consume 120 by default, this has been changed to 80. Please note that adding ships to the fleet is unchanged! Each ship takes 12 ‘cannonballs’ additionally.

    -The ships of the Royal Protection have been adjusted to match the averagetraining status of the attacking fleet.


    -City production used to provide very high amounts of glory and has been reduced by 50%.


    -The price range of goods was reduced in order to decrease the impact of luck with expensive goods needed in the city.

    -Income from trading has been rebalanced to reflect city demand and to reward deliveries that support city growth. The impact of ‘Golden routes’ should be diminished.

    City growth

    -The size of the warehouses that need to be filled for city growth has been adjusted: the deliveries necessary for an increase of the population now relates to the number of active players of the nation.

    Production facilities – bug fix

    -In some cities, the process of building a production facility got stuck. This is now fixed and should not happen again.

    Thank you for your excellent feedback and valuable bug reports!

    Respectfully yours,Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team