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    Greetings Admirals!

    Once more, we are taking our hats off to Denmark for winning both Beta rounds!

    Our sincere thanks to all of you, our BETA Admirals!

    Thank you for engaging in the game and for testing every aspect of it. Thank you for your helpful feedback and constructive criticism in surveys, in our forums and on Discord and for uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of the game mechanics. We will honour your efforts and take your feedback into account for the future development.

    The second round of the Open Beta showed us that the adjustments in balancing implemented between the two rounds had the desired effect: players were distributed much more evenly over the nations and the advantage of higher player numbers has been levelled.

    But we also detected several fundamental problems with game mechanics and the concept. Even extensive changes on affected features (e.g. governors and war) wouldn’t suffice to resolve them entirely.

    Therefore, we opted for a complete reset: we are going to revise the whole concept from scratch.

    This will require a considerably longer development phase. Currently, we can’t provide you with an ETA for the first test round of the new concept. As soon as there are concrete plans, we are going to inform you!

    You will be able to use your remaining pearls in the future; they have been stored safely for you.

    The forum will be closed in the near future. On Discord, you can stay in touch with fellow Admirals. Any news will be shared there.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires team

    Winners of the second Open Beta round

    Greetings, Admirals!

    With teamwork and determination, the Danes managed to win the second round of the Open Beta – congratulations for this well-deserved success.

    Also, the Portuguese players should be proud of themselves: the largest city of the round is Utila, which reached level 22 and had 105,860 inhabitants in the end!

    The best player is from the English nation: Uppgrayedd earned 162,517,600 Glory and was far ahead of the players who came in second and third place.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

    Greetings, Admirals!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 18th June 1719, the victorious nation in the run for domination of the Caribbean will be determined and the round will be ended.

    The server is going to close at 8:00 am UTC, so fight hard and use the remaining time to the best of your abilities.

    Some of you wondered about pearls being transferred to the next round or not - we will do as much as we can about this but sadly, for technical reasons we cannot guarantee that we will be able to transfer pearls smoothly to the next round. As mentioned earlier, we recommend to spend them!

    Good winds to you for the last evening!

    Yours respectfully,

    Admiral Silver

    Greetings Whatever!

    Thank you for notifying us about that issue. Indeed, coherent time display would be beneficial and we already have this on the list.

    Respectfully yours,
    Admiral Silver

    Greetings Admirals!

    The game round was planned for 6 weeks and it is going to end on Tuesday, June 18th.

    We are going to close the pearl shop about a week prior to the end of the round.

    Will Denmark be defeated by an alliance of other nations? There will be many opportunities to make good use of your remaining pearls.

    Have a great Whitsuntide weekend!

    Yours respectfully,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

    Greetings Admirals!

    With today’s bugfixing update and maintenance, we implemented solutions for the following bugs:

    Duration of forced peace

    The display for the cooldown has been corrected; it used to show 24 h, the correct duration of 72 h is now displayed.

    Loading problems at set route mode

    One of the reasons for lasting ‘Loading’ animations at entering the set route mode was fixed.

    => However, you might still experience such cases for reasons that haven’t been solved yet.

    City level-up

    The supply screen displayed the wrong waiting time until the level-up.

    => Times are now displayed correctly.

    Flotsam net

    At collecting flotsam automatically with the net (plus account), close-by ships were selected.

    => Now, your chosen selection won’t be switched anymore.

    City battles

    In a battle, sometimes cities used to display a higher number of cannons than they really had.

    => Now fire power is displayed correctly at all times.

    Stuck ships

    Sometimes, ships got stuck on land.

    => This should not happen anymore.

    => However, they might still get stuck on underwater reefs at sea; we are still working on this issue.

    Ship manoeuvres

    The status display of ships in manoeuvre was cut short.

    => Now, you will be able to read the full text including the remaining time.

    City buttons

    In the city, buttons sometimes were shown as active even if they could not be clicked.

    => From now on, buttons will only be animated if you really can interact with them.

    Welcome screen / ranking

    The arrow indicating your tendency for the ranking has been corrected.

    => The indicator in the welcome screen now matches the one in the ranking.


    Some players were unable to use the tavern (city forum) at all.

    => Now, this should work again. If you were affected, please try it.

    Please try and test our fixes for those bugs in the game and let us know what you find. We are looking forward to your comments!

    Cast off,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

    Greetings Admirals!

    Special thanks to ByteBanditin who created the German original of this beginner’s guide!

    Goals of the game

    As a nation

    … your goal is to acquire the most victory points of all nations; victory points equal city levels

    As a single player

    … your goal is to lead the glory ranking.

    You can acquire glory by…

    • trade
    • city production
    • donations to city treasuries
    • donations to city upgrades
    • solving quests
    • discovering/exploring (unveil the fog of war / discovering cities)
    • opening flotsam and treasure chests
    • defeating pirates
    • sea battles against other players while your nations are at war
    • politics (being an elected council member or governor)

    First steps

    Earn gold

    For the start, you should earn as much gold as possible; you can pursue this by using profitable routes (those routes will give you only very little glory, but they are the best way to make money).

    Every now and then, there will be so-called ‘gold routes’ – special routes that will earn you huge riches.

    TIP: Check your routes frequently (hourly) for their income to be sure they are still profitable. The more goods have been delivered, the lower prices will get.

    Protect your ships against pirates by having them sail in squadrons.

    Form a squadron:

    • Click on a ship on the map or in the ship list
    • In the ship menu (bottom centre of your screen), click on ‘form squadron’
    • Click on ‘add ship’ and select ships that are nearby to join the squadron

    TIP: For speedy squadrons avoid mixing fast and slow ships because the slowest ship will determine the speed for the whole squadron.

    Set routes (basic)

    1. Click on a ship/squadron on the map or in the ship list
    2. Enter the routes mode:
      • In the ship menu, click on ‘set new route’/’edit route’ or
      • By mouseover of a city name, activate the ‘start trade route’ button and click it

        => If you already have an active route, you could cancel it first ‘at the next port’ so your goods won’t be lost
    3. At the left, the route menu opens
    4. Click ‘route proposals’ in order to get a selection of routes offered:
      • Profitable route / route with high city supply / alternative route
      • The routes will be close to the location of your ship/squadron; if you have the gold account activated, you can select a city and you will be presented with routes close to this city.
    5. Select your preferred route and click ‘set route’ in the ship menu (bottom centre)

    You can also set a route manually:

    1. Click on a city banner to open the offer/demand table; for needed goods, the blue fillbar indicates how full the warehouses are – the fuller a warehouse, the lower the price.
    2. Select a commodity and you will be presented with routes to the various cities matching your choice.
    3. Click on ‘collect goods’/’deliver goods’ of the city you want to connect and then choose the next commodity there for the way back.
    4. You can even create chain routes.

    Good to know

    While a warehouse isn’t filled completely, each hour a certain amount of goods is consumed. After 75% are filled, new citizens are attracted and will help your city to grow.

    TIP: You don’t need to fill all warehouses for your city to level up; you only need to reach the necessary number of citizens.

    Supply screen

    Click on a city and then select ‘supply’ in the city menu (bottom centre).

    TIP: If a city owns a production site for a good in demand, then you can help produce it. Every hour, you have the option to click on the wheelbarrow icon; you will receive glory and help to fill the warehouse.

    TIP: Coordinate deliveries and focus on one commodity after the other. If a warehouse is filled completely, there won’t be consumption of this commodity anymore; there is little use in having 4 goods filled by 50% because new citizens only start moving to your city if a warehouse is filled >75%.

    May 29th 2019,
    Logs for lags

    Greetings Admirals!

    ‘Server maintenance’ can mean anything, from regular security updates to handling an acute emergency.

    Many of you are experiencing performance issues of some sorts and the team is constantly working on improving this for you. Of course, the first step is to pinpoint the reasons, only then solutions can be developed.

    So in order to gain more detailed data about some of the lag issues, we implemented better logging and tracking in the maintenance of May 28th.

    Thursday, May 30th, is a bank holiday in Germany, so our office will be closed. We are sorry that bug reports will have to wait until Friday.

    Respectfully yours,

    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

    Thank you for your input on this topic.

    I agree, losing the Capital is a big problem for a nation and France was now defeated even twice.

    However, there are more facts to take into account:

    In both rounds, France had few active playes compared to the other nations, and especially in this round, there were hardly any experienced players in that nation. So the major disadvantage in this round was lacking experience and knowledge about the game and its strategies. (Starting with having to develop their organisation from scratch, to upgrading more than one port, ending with knowledge about the necessary size and strength of fleets to conquer neutral cities successfully.)

    So probably, the starting region for France is challenging due to the proximity of Denmark's and Holland's starting regions - on the other hand, the line of cities close to each other are a perfect trading zone with easily overlapping protection circles.

    The team is going to look into these dependencies in more detail. :)

    Respectfully yours,
    Admiral Silver

    Greetings Admirals!

    :!:Tomorrow, May 28th 2019, there will be a short downtime of about 15 min for maintenance reasons.

    We plan to execute it at 8:30 UTC, you will receive more immediate information on discord and in the game via maintenance text.

    Respectfully yours,
    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team