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    Greetings Admirals!

    We noticed that among Admirals, 'war resources' tend to be called ‘cannonballs’ affectionately.

    Having naming consistency of personal use and official term is generally helpful, so we thought we should rename them.

    What do you think?

    We are looking forward to your votes and comments.

    Respectfully yours,
    Your Admirals: Caribbean Empires Team

    Aye Captains!

    We shared a great adventure, but tomorrow, our closed beta is going to end.

    The game team will enjoy some well-deserved holidays, and with the start of the new year, they're going to work on improvements and further development with full force.

    In the waiting period until the start of the open beta, we're going to keep you updated with news about the game development on facebook and on discord. Are you already following our facebook page? If so, then you'll find our exciting information in your timeline.

    Online now: Sweepstake for pearls! Take part in our treasure hunt and if you're lucky, you'll receive a chest (or two, or even three chests) full of pearls for the open beta!


    Taking part is easy: like :thumbup: the Admirals facebook page, select three tiles of the map where you want to search for treasures and mention them in a comment. If you guessed right, we're going to contact you shortly after the start of the open beta server.

    Here's the fastest route to our facebook page: *klick*

    Good luck!

    Silver Hook

    Aye Captains,

    We’re close to final decision!

    The fight for domination in the Caribbean is reaching the peak. Each day fierce sea battles are fought and numerous cities are conquered in order to secure victory for your nation.

    On Thursday (20th Dec 2018, 15:00 UTC+1), the Admirals closed beta will come to an end.

    We are going to pay tribute to the winner, and we’ll determine the most prosperous nation as well as the best single player.

    We want to express our thanks to all of you: our beta testers who were so dedicated and put the game through its paces in the past weeks. Thanks to your commitment and input we gained valuable insights that are going to have an effect on the future development. Your feedback and the many suggestions are going to help us shape the game according to your wishes.

    Improving performance is one of our main focuses, and a fair solution for players of defeated nations so they can keep playing. Also war and battle are going to be adjusted to increase the fun experience for all parties involved.

    Stay tuned and keep in touch on our platforms for first-hand information about the latest development.

    We also want to invite you to the open beta which is planned for February.

    Best regards,

    Your Admirals Team

    Aye Captains!

    Today, 13th Dec 2018, at 15:00 UTC+1, there will be a short downtime.

    We're going to upload a fix for the "55% bug" which used to block whole nations from login a few times.

    Kind regards,
    Silver Hook

    Greetings Captains!

    Well done, France - you've defeated the Danes in what seems like no time at all.

    You've noticed that afterwards, a barricade blocked you from accessing your ships. The barricade could be cleared by the naval staff. But sadly, the Tsunami did more damage: the nation merge for the Danish players did not work out as planned and the conclusion is that we won't be able to fix this within the remaining testing period.

    That means that all players of defeated nations will be left unable to play on.

    In this situation, we have an offer for you:
    We don't want you to drop out of the game for good, so: if you were fighting for Denmark and if you want to start anew, please contact me and you will receive another beta key, so you may register a new account for a different nation.

    The same applies for players of all nations that are going to be defeated in the testing period.

    I'm very sorry :(
    Kind regards, Silver Hook

    Ahoy Admirals!

    If you want to add pictures to your posting, you can choose between two different methods:

    Picture via link - if you have uploaded a screenshot to a picture hosting service.

    1) Open insert image option in the posting editor

    2) Enter URL in 'Link' textbox

    3) You may customize the alignment of your picture by selecting float settings

    4) Click 'Insert'

    Picture via attachment - if you want to upload the picture from your computer to the forum.

    1) Open 'Attachments' section below the posting textbox, click 'upload'

    2) Select picture file from your computer, click OK

    3) Click 'Thumbnail' or 'Full Image' in order to insert the picture at the current position of the cursor in your posting text

    Cast off!

    The naval staff kindly asks all Admirals to report all unforeseen incidents along the template of the following example:

    1. Which account / gameworld is affected?
    Francis Drake / Marianas trench

    2. Which part / feature of the game is affected?
    Setting routes

    3. Please describe in detail which actions were carried out when the error occurred and what exactly is the effect of the error:
    After defining the route, I clicked on ‚Set Route‘. The route wasn’t started but cancelled.

    4. When did the error occur (date / time)?

    04.12.2018, ~ 7:35 pm UTC

    5. Can you reproduce the error or was it a single situation?

    This occurs each time I start a route in my home town.

    6. Did you get a failure notification? If so, which one?
    Editing the ship’s route was automatically cancelled.

    7. Please provide some information about your system:

    a. Operating system
    Windows 10

    b. Browser (version)
    Mozilla Firefox 63.0.3 (64 bit)

    c. Provider and internet speed (please run a speed test)
    O2, Network delay 28ms, download 52,32 Mbps, upload 17,18 Mbps

    determined by Network Speed Test

    d. Results of troubleshooting page

    Welcome on board, Admiral!

    We’re on a mission to dominate the Caribbean and to make its cities flourish. As nations spread and fight against each other, the heralds need to communicate effectively with the Admirals of the fleets. To facilitate this communication, Their Majesties followed the council of their advisors and developed systems called Chat, Discord and Feedback Center (also known to some as ‘forum’). We ask you to learn, and follow these guidelines, so together we will achieve our mission of bringing prosperity to the Caribbean and eliminating anarchic subjects from the sea.

    Make a name for yourself

    An Admiral may only have one account on this platform. Their title (or ‘nickname’) shall be the same on this platform as on their ships in the game and may not be offensive. The last time something offensive with multiple faces emerged from the waves, we harpooned it…

    Any buccaneers who try to create new accounts to bypass a block or ban will face their deserved destiny.


    Respect, politeness and courtesy is required of all aspiring Admirals. When posting, keep this in mind at all times. Acting like some cutthroat pirate may bring Their Majesties’ fleets after you.

    Profanity and insults have no place on our platforms. Be careful with your post/comment content; sexual, racist, political, religious, illegal and/or offensive content is not allowed and will be removed.

    You can’t act like an honourable Admiral? Then probably you qualify for scrubbing the pits, jobs are still open…

    Sea monsters must die

    While sea monsters may be roaming the deep waters, they have no place on the surface within the protection of our platforms. If you post or comment with the intention of provoking others, you will be keelhauled. How long can you hold your breath?

    When in doubt, please refer to ‘Honour-bound’ and treat others with respect, whether you feel they deserve it or not!

    Aye, that’s just like your opinion

    The struggle for expansion is stressful for all Admirals. Please keep your aggression behind the cannons of your war ships. Discussion and debate on our platforms is always welcome, however personal attacks are outlawed.

    Personal attacks include name-calling, harassing, threatening, humiliating or any other offensive behaviour towards other captains. Attacking others in such a manner means you have already lost and that your argument is invalid. Words are potent weapons. Wield them gently.

    Having cannons at the ready is ok, firing them at communication platforms is not

    Raging on the public channels and boards about a banned account will always prove ineffective. For best results, you should send a message to Admiral Silver, and focus your rage there. Please also review the Game Commandments and T&Cs before complaining about your ban; you may have done something wrong. So, put the fire away from that blasting fuse and get in contact directly.

    What if I tell you…

    … that even a grumpy shellback doesn’t need to be rude to criticise? There’s something called constructive criticism, stick to it. When you don’t like something, express it! But also give your reasons and explain why. This improves your chances of being heard and of achieving the change you wish to see. Flaming and provoking will only result in you being keelhauled – again: how long can you hold your breath?


    T&C applies on all platforms of the game; make sure you have read it!

    Ahoy Admirals!

    Welcome to the Admirals: Caribbean Empires Feedback Center.

    We’d like to bring to your attention that this Feedback Center uses intelligent bilingual filters for the English and German languages. This means that normally, you will only be presented with the information available in your preferred language. If you want to see all reports and proposals of fellow Admirals, no matter which language, then you can teach the Feedback Center to deliver all contributions:

    1) Open your control center at the top right

    2) Select 'General' in the section 'Settings'

    3) Make sure both languages are checkmarked

    4) Move down to the bottom of the page and click 'Send'

    Anchors aweigh!

    Admiral Silver